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[New] Uploads

The "Uploads" section is the tool within FindThatLead that allows you to:

Upload and process files in CSV format to FindThatLead to find your contact and subsequently send Outbound Marketing campaigns.

Import lists and send them automatically to the FindThatLead CRM, "Manager".

Format and operation of Uploads

Within "Uploads" you can upload and process CSV lists that you can also filter and search by file name, source tool, processing status, current campaign status and date of the CSV.

"Uploads" works as an information log, successfully processed lists will be automatically passed to "Manager".

After 30 days from the file upload, the processed lists will be removed from Uploads.

Uploads to Uploads are limited by the current plan of each account.

Information provided by Uploads

The lists stored within Uploads show the number of leads and how many of them have verified email addresses.

The files can appear within the listing with two signs, this first blue sign indicates that the file is still being processed.

The other green sign indicates that the file has been successfully uploaded and processed to the tool.

The progress bar indicates the processing status of each file, where 100% is that it is fully uploaded and processed.

The progress bar is also divided into 3 distinct colours:

-The green part indicates the leads processed and with the verification status "Successful".
-The blue part indicates the leads found.
-The lighter blue part indicates the leads not found or not yet processed.

In the last column of each processed list, you will find the button below, whose function is to allow you to download your lists in CSV format.

Add CSV lists to "Uploads".

To upload a list to FindThatLead let's click on the button we indicated as "Upload CSV".

Here we can directly upload the file to the platform by dragging it, pasting it or searching for it among your files.

"Uploads" also allows us to import leads from your CRM.

When uploading, you must indicate which field each column belongs to so that the tool can process it correctly.

Uploads as a tool

"Uploads can perform different tasks within a CSV when uploading lists and processing them:

-Domain search: The tool allows you to find emails from lists of companies and/or domains.
-Read search: Get emails from a list of names and their respective company.
-Verify emails: Verify all emails within the list.
-Social search: Find the URLs of the LinkedIn profiles of the leads in the list.

You can upload several lists at the same time, which will be added to a queue that you can clean.

Updated on: 14/12/2023

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