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[New] Verify

Verify, as the name suggests, allows you to verify and validate any email.

This tool can verify both individual emails and CSV lists.

Reduce your bounce rate and increase the quality of your campaigns.

Once in the tool, just enter the email you want to verify and start the search.

After a few seconds, FindThatLead will start the verification process of the email you have provided.

The verification process consists of 4 parts:

-Checking the email format
-Email type
-Server status verification
-Email status verification

Once the verification process is complete, FindThatLead will provide you with the following information about the contact linked to the email you have verified:

-Role in the company
-Phone number
-Social networks

In the same search, FindThatLead also displays information about the company the email belongs to.

Email verification and trust score

The verification process can have 3 different scores:

-Emails appearing with a green symbol are successfully verified emails with at least 99% confidence score.

-Emails that appear with a yellow symbol indicate that they may not be completely correct, we recommend excluding these emails from your campaigns, but they may work to build audiences.

-Emails that appear with a grey symbol will be incorrect or not found.

Verify emails in bulk with Verify

You can also upload and process a whole list in CSV to verify emails without going through "Uploads".

Updated on: 14/12/2023

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