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[New] Search by Name

Search by Name allows you to extract and find a contact's email address from their name and the company they work for.

Find any contact by name

Once in the tool, just enter the contact's first and last name and the company he/she works for and start the search.

After a few seconds, FindThatLead will provide you with all the information available for the contact we have found.

FindThatLead provides you with the following information about the contact you are looking for:

-Role in company
-Phone number

In the same search, FindThatLead also displays information about the company where the contact works:

-Corporate phone number
-Related domains
-Backlinks (BETA)

Email verification and trust rating

Emails that have already been verified by FindThatLead or by other FindThatLead members will appear with a verified status.

If they are not, you can also verify them directly from Search by Name, the verification process can have 3 different scores:

Emails that appear with a green symbol are successfully verified emails with at least a 99% confidence score.

Emails that appear with a yellow symbol indicate that they may not be completely correct, we recommend excluding these emails from your campaigns, but they may work to build audiences.

Emails with a grey symbol will be incorrect or not found.

By hovering your mouse over each symbol you will be able to see the confidence score of the email verification.

Source of data

All the information we provide is crowdsourced, searched and collected by us so that it is readily available to you.

The data is automatically collected with our algorithm from key contacts, trade shows and social networks. Only you will see the indexed public data.

All emails are generated with our own algorithm based on patterns or found on public sites across the web.

By clicking on the "Sources" button you can check the sources.

Find emails with Search by Name in bulk

You can also upload and process a whole list of leads, domains and companies in CSV to find your contact,

Updated on: 14/12/2023

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