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[New] Prospector

Using Prospector you can generate lists of potential customers based on a number of parameters.

Improve your business with qualified prospect lists

This tool allows you to create a targeted list of potential customers for your business.

With Prospector lists you can grow your database with qualified leads, improve your FB Ads audience and increase your conversions.

To generate a list you will need to fill in at least one of the 6 main parameters:

-Company size in employees
-Company name

Before searching, you can also choose whether to generate corporate emails, personal emails or both.

Professional email usually consists of "name + @name + @domain/company".

Personal email is composed of "nickname + @email provider".

Advanced filtering

Prospector also has an advanced filtering option that adds 6 more parameters to be filled in if necessary.

Generate lead information

Once you have provided the parameters you will find leads that meet your requirements.

The "Generate information" button allows you to generate the contact of all those leads found, which will appear with the following individual and company information:


-Emails (several can appear)
-Name and surname
-Role in the company


-Social networks
-Telephone number

These leads are generated over time from the FindThatLead server itself, so it is not necessary to keep the window open.

It is also possible to pause the list generation process to export the generated emails.

The generated leads can be exported to any of the platforms we have as integrations or downloaded directly as .CSV.

You can also choose whether to export all the leads or only the verified and correct ones.

Once the list has been fully generated you will be notified via email.

You can visit the lead generation status and get your individual contacts.

Generated leads will automatically go through a verification process based on trust score.

Email verification and trust scores

The verification process can have 3 different scores:

Emails that appear with a green symbol are successfully verified emails with at least a 99% confidence score.

Emails that appear with a yellow symbol indicate that they may not be completely correct, we recommend excluding these emails from your campaigns, but they may work to build audiences.

Emails that appear with a grey symbol will be incorrect or not found.


FindThatLead also brings the ability to link some of the major platforms and CRMs to Prospector to automate and import lists directly.

The current list of integrations is:


Updated on: 14/12/2023

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