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FindThatLead 2.0: Discover All Improvements and New Features

In this article, we will explain the main differences between the old Findthatlead tool and the new and improved Findthatlead.

Main advantages of FindThatLead 2.0:

-Credits will only be consumed per successful email .

Each successful email you get will deduct 1 credit from your balance. You will no longer consume credits for unverified, not found or catch all emails (your choice).

1 credit = 1 successful email

Increased speed of file processing and email retrieval.

We have improved the entire structure of the tool to ensure that there are no processes that slow down the processing of all functions.

Possibility to enrich your files to get more information from leads.

At the same time you upload a file to get the leads' emails you can use this feature for free to get more information about them.

New improved sender.

We have improved the sender both visually and technically. New way to apply variables, import contacts from CSV, manager, integrations, etc.

SmartWriter function with AI to help you generate the best possible copy.

We know that the most important thing for a cold email campaign to work well is the copy and what better way to help you than with an AI capable of helping you generate the copy you need based on your needs. Simply fill in the requested fields to generate it and you will see great results.

New Filters from Prospector

We have added new prospector filters, some of them like skills, name, school, gender, etc. We have also added one for locations to specify by countries so that they are not duplicated.

New prices and plans.

I leave you this explanatory article with everything related to this topic.

Chrome extension with web scraping, LinkedIn and Crunchbase.

For me, one of the most powerful features, with the Chrome extension, you will be able to get the email in real time with a simple click on any website, LinkedIn profile or even Crunchbase. In addition, you can have active campaigns and include new leads to that campaign, whenever you want to have it always up to date without having to create another new campaign. To download it just search for Findthatlead in the Chrome extension store.

Improved Manager with the possibility of grouping leads in lists to attack them.

With the new manager you will see each lead where it comes from, you can group them by lists, so you can attack them in a simpler and clearer way. You also have the possibility to organize the lists, the leads themselves and even the companies.

Updated on: 15/12/2023

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