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[New] Manager

Manage and manage relationships with your potential customers without leaving FindThatLead with Manager, our internal CRM.

Organize and keep your leads organized.

The leads you generate through FindThatLead tools and those you upload through "Uploads" are automatically redirected to "Manager".

From Manager, you have a filtering system available to search and segment your leads by:

Lead category
Tool where it was found

Manager, like Prospector, has an advanced filtering option with the following parameters:

-Phone availability
-Whether the lead is in a campaign
-Email type
-Email status
-Campaign status

Import and export leads from Manager

All filtered manager leads will appear in the list along with their corresponding information.

You can import and export leads directly from Manager.

If you have a CSV list, you can upload it to FindThatLead and import it into our CRM.

You can also use tools like Hubspot and to import and export leads directly from Manager.

Add categories to your leads

Create categories and choose a colour to filter and tag your leads more easily.

Lead information

Each lead will be displayed with all their individual and company information.

Manager shows which campaigns the lead is in and the status of each campaign, this information is shared with all members of your team.

You and your team members can comment on the lead and indicate whether the lead is a quality lead.

Updated on: 14/12/2023

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