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SMTP connection

To connect your own SMTP account, you must configure these items:

Service name: name of the mail service (e.g. → Outlook, Yahoo ...).

Email: your smtp email (e.g. →

Password: your email account password (Application password, in some cases, see below).

SMTP Host: the smtp host (e.g. →

SMTP port: the smtp port (e.g. → 587)

IMAP Host: the imap port (e.g. →

"Please note that there is a difference between Outlook and Office 365 accounts. Make sure you choose your correct email provider. Follow these steps to set up your Outlook account, here. Use this App Password instead of your normal password."

Also, you need to enable SMTP authentication in Outlook, as it is disabled by default. Check the explanatory article here. Remember that without these settings you will not be able to configure your Outlook email account in FindThatLead.

If your email is from Gmail / GSuite domains:

1. Go to your inbox ( Click on 'Settings' and then click on POP / IMAP Settings.

Enable IMAP and save your changes.

Click on 'Security' and grant access to less secure applications as shown in the image below.

less secure apps
If you do not see this option, you are probably using a standard Gmail account or are not the Gsuite administrator. Contact your administrator for assistance. Only the domain administrator can enable less secure apps for all users.

You can check the status of less secure applications for your account here:

3.1. If you are the administrator of a Gsuite account, you need to log in to the administrator panel via this link;

Be sure to enable Less secure applications for all your email accounts as shown below:

Go to "Security" ( and enable "2-Step Verification". Then follow these steps to generate the "application password":

5. Once you enable "2-Step Verification", click on "Application Passwords".

Select a new application as "Other (custom name)":

Type the name of the application, e.g. "FindThatLead SMTP" and click "Generate":

8. A custom application password will be generated for use with FindThatLead, copy this password for later.

9. The next step is to properly configure your SPF and DKIM records. Note that these settings need to be made when your domain and email are created (if you are using Google applications), so you should already have them, otherwise contact your domain administrator for more information.

Go to, scroll down to Campaign Accounts and click 'Add Account'.

Simply select the Google mail icon and enter the 'email' and 'application password' previously generated in step 8.

If you are on the custom connection, configure the settings as follows:
Service name → Google / Gsuite
Email → Your email address
Password → Your "application password".
SMTP Host →
SMTP port → 587
IMAP host →

11. All set! You can start sending emails with the 'Campaigns' tool. If you have any problems during this process, feel free to contact us at and we will help you.

Updated on: 14/12/2023

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