A credit is a search inside the tool. Every time you do a search, a credit is subtracted from your account.

Yes, we charge 1 credit per search, even when e-mail is not found. This is because we apply more than 14 verifications when provide an email, other tools simply give you a random email without verification.

We don't charge for repeated leads you searched last month.

Quick explanation on the credit usage of each tool:

Lead Search:

You will spend 1 credit for each search (we automatically verify the searched email).

Email verifier:

You will spend 1 credit for each verification.

Social Url Search:

We will try to find the lead profile for free. If we found it, you can generate the email for 1 credit (the email already comes verified).

Domain Search:

We will display a batch of maximum 10 emails for 1 credit. If you want to display more it would cost 1 credit for each batch. The emails on this tool NOT come verified, so you will spend 1 credit for each email verification.


You can generate the list for FREE. Then you can select the leads you want and generate the emails for 1 credit each (we automatically verify the searched email).


It's a FREE tool


It's a FREE tool
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