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How do you verify leads?

Our email verification process consists of four levels of verification.

RFC standard validation: Initially, we validate that the email complies with the RFC standard to ensure its basic validity.

MX record validation: Next, we check and validate the domain's MX record to see if it corresponds to a legitimate mail server.

Server validation: In the third step, we perform server validation to determine the existence of the email on the mail server.

Catch-all and spam trap checks: Finally, we apply checks to identify whether the mail server is functioning as a catch-all or is flagged as a possible spam trap.

With these four layers of verification, we strive to ensure that valid emails are accurately identified. It is important to note that while our process has a success rate of over 95%, it is not foolproof and there is a small chance of false positives.

Updated on: 15/12/2023

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