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What is it, how does it work and what return does the FindThatLead Chrome Extension bring?

Power up your browser with our Google Chrome extension that will allow you to discover and verify emails directly with a single click.

While browsing the web, you can open the Extension and FindThatLead will search and verify the email addresses associated with this domain.

The extension works on both Web X and LinkedIn X.

Visit any profile or website.

Open the extension and you will see the corporate email.

Let's now see how the extension works depending on where we use it:


Perform a search on LinkedIn with the target that best fits your needs and by simply opening the extension you will be able to get the email of all those people.

You can choose which list to put them in, the number of pages to scrape, or even the name of your search.


To obtain the emails of a person within a web, simply we will have to go to the web that interests us and open the extension by clicking on the floating icon on the right, we will obtain the data at the moment.


In this case, we will simply have to do a search for our target in Crunchbase, just as we did in LinkedIn.

Entering the "Employees" section of the target company, click on the person we want and opening the extension will give us their email.

Once we have seen all the examples of use of the new Findthatlead Chrome extension, we can clearly see the kind of return that it will give us, being able to include in real time leads to our campaigns already created by simply adding them to the lists we already had previously.

The ability to scrape multiple websites and even LinkedIn pages will help us to more easily obtain leads from our target and finally a return, which is what we are looking for from the beginning.

Updated on: 15/12/2023

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