In order to connect your very own SMTP account you need to set these elements:

Service Name: name of the mailing service (Ex. → Outlook, Yahoo...)
Email: your smtp email (Ex. →
Password: the password of your email account.
SMTP Host: the smtp host (Ex. →
SMTP Port: the smtp port (Ex. → 587)
IMAP Host: the imap port (Ex. →

*Note that there is a difference between Outlook Accounts and Office 365. Make sure to choose your correct email provider.

You need to first configure the Gmail/GSuite domains:

Go to your inbox ( ). Click on 'Configuration' and then to POP/IMAP Settings.

Enable IMAP and save changes.

Click on ‘Security’ and give access to less secure apps as the image below:

less secure apps

If you don't see this option, you are probably using a standard Gmail account or you are not Gsuite's Administrator. Please contact your Admin for support. Only the domain's Administrator can activate Less Secure Apps for all users.

Here you can check Less Secure Apps status for your account:

3.1. If you are the Administrator of a Gsuite account, you have to login into the Administrator dashboard using this link;

Make sure to enable Less Secure Apps for all of your email accounts as shown below:

Go to ‘Security’ ( and activate "2-Step verification". Then follow these steps to generate the "App password":

Once you activate the "2-Step verification", click on "App passwords":

Generate app password 1

Select a new app as "Other (Custom name)":

Generate app password 2

Type the name of the app, for example, "FindThatLead SMTP" and click on "Generate":

Generate app password 3

A custom app password will be generated to use with FindThatLead, copy this password for later.

Generate app password 4

The next step is to configure correctly your SPF and DKIM records. Note that these configurations should be done when the domain and email are created (if you're using google apps) so you should already have it, if not, contact your domain's administrator for more information on this.

Go to, scroll down until you get into Campaign Accounts, and click 'Add account'.

Simply select the Google mail icon and introduce the "email" and "app password" previously generated in step 8.

If you are on the custom connection set the parameters as follow :
Service name → Google/Gsuite
Email → Your email address
Password → Your "App password"
SMTP Host →
SMTP Port → 587
IMAP Host →

All set! You can start to send emails with the 'Campaigns' tool. If you have some problems during this process don't hesitate to contact us through and we will help you.

PS. If you’re kick-starting your email campaign, don’t forget to read our guide: How to write cold emails that get you business.
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