Your CSV file needs to have, at least, a header and one row. The maximum number of rows allowed is 9999.

If you upload a CSV file, we won’t remove the extra columns, except on Domain Search where the tool will generate a new CSV file.

About the columns, you can upload a file with the columns you want. The names of the headers do not matter. This is the minimum number of columns you can upload to each tool:

Lead Search needs 3 columns: first name, last name and domain.
Domain Search needs a column with the domains.
Email Verifier needs a column with the emails to verify.
Social URL Search needs 1 column with Twitter and/or Linkedin URLs.
Company Search needs a column with the names of the companies.
Position Search needs 2 columns: position, and name or domain of the company.
Enrich needs 1 column with company names.
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