The Email Sender tool allows you to connect your inbox and automate your email sending tasks. Note that we are NOT providing a SMTP server nor sending the emails from our servers in your behaviour. We are connecting your inbox to FindThatLead, creating a bridge between your email service provider and our tool.

All the emails will be send from your inbox, you'll be able to see the emails and how are they send.
You have to contact your email service provider in order to know how many emails you can send per day, normally you will be able to send between 1000 and 1500 emails.
From our experience with Gsuite accounts we know that a business Gsuite email can send up to 1500 emails per day. However, we strongly recommend not to send more than 500 emails per day in order to avoid being banned that can cause deliverability issues as well as account temporary limitations.
You will note that we automatically recommend you to send a certain maximum number of emails in order to keep your accounts safe. Please, follow our recommendations carefully in order to prevent your account from being banned.
We are not responsible of any temporary account holding. All emails are send from your Inbox in your own behaviour.
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