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How does Social work?

To use our Social tool, you'll need to enter FindThatLead's Dashboard.

How to use Social

Social is a very simple tool that works by entering the linkedin URL you want to search the corporate email from, and pressing enter.

If it can't find the email

You can use our FindThatLead's Chrome Extension to manually search verified corporate emails. In this article we explain in detail how FindThatLead's Extension works.

Follow these steps:

1 - Install FindThatLead's Chrome Extension for free on your browser.

2 - Search for the LinkedIn Profile you want to get the email from, and then open FindThatLead’s Chrome Extension. The tool will find you the email address in no time!

Uploading a list of Linkedin profiles to FindThatLead's Social

To learn how to correctly create a .CSV and to upload it to FindThatLead, check the article How to upload files to FindThatLead.

Getting more correct results from a list of LinkedIn Profiles using

First, download the .CSV list with the LinkedIn profiles you want the emails from.

Then upload the file to

To do that, open LinkedIn and click on the extension, then open the Dashboard.

Click on the Upload CSV section and drop your .CSV file with the LinkedIn URL's.

Once uploaded go to LinkedIn, open extension and click on CSV Profiles.

Click play, and the tool will automatically start getting the information of the profiles you uploaded previously.

Remember to always keep the browser tab open while running

Once the process finishes, go back to, open All records and click on Export.

Go back to FindThatLead and open the Search tool. Click on New Bulk Upload and choose Lead Search. Drag and drop the file you exported and FindThatLead will detect the file correctly and match the rows.

Click on Start searching and FindThatLead will do its magic generating and verifying the corporate correct emails.

Your list is now processed with all the possible corporate emails available.

Updated on: 11/06/2021

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