Do you need a little help?

Fear not! Stick with us for a quick tutorial 😉

In less than a minute, you will get the email you want!

First of all, open LinkedIn and search the profile of the person you need the email from. Already have it? Cool!

Sometimes you will get all the information with just opening the Chrome Extension, and that would be all. But other times, when we don't detect the company where this person is working, we need some extra help from you.

In order to get the email, we need you to enter the company name or website of that person. Just by doing a little research in the LinkedIn profile, we will find where this person is currently working (or the personal website). In this case, we see that our CEO Gerard works in FindThatLead by only looking a the banner.

Using FindThatLead's Chrome Extension inside LinkedIn

Once you've entered the information, you will get the email verified. Hover over the dot to know if the email is Correct, Guessed or Incorrect.

As easy as it sounds!
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