There are certain types of Job Roles or Industries that sometimes, Prospector struggles to find.

This article will help you get more results from Prospector while doing an specific search.

In order to improve the number of results obtained. We will show you how to use a Chrome Extension for LinkedIn we have a Partnership with.

But what is is a Chrome Extension that will allow you to automate your LinkedIn prospecting and get more results.

Add the extension for free to your Chrome Browser here.

Create an account in and then jump to your LinkedIn Search.

Perform your search into LinkedIn search or Sales Navigator ( yes, it also works on Sales Navigator).

Click on, select Visit profiles, and then click play. will automatically start visiting all these profiles and saving the information that will be used later on FindThatLead to check and verify the emails you get.

Now, we will download the information we have gathered. Open the Dashboard, go to All records and click on Export. You will get a .CSV file.

Let’s go back to FindThatLead and click on New Bulk Upload. Select Lead Search and click on Continue, then drag and drop your file. FindThatLead will automatically process the file correctly and match the rows. Name, Last Name and domain ( with company name also works). Remember that Company website works better than “Company”.

Just click on Start searching and FindThatLead will do its magic generating and verifying the corporate correct emails.

You will get a verified list of leads you already visited with LinkedIn.
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